Monday, June 22, 2009

End of the World Blues

We have a hundred words that say the same thing
And we cannot understand each other
There are just too many ways
to live your own life
So we don't worry 'bout one another
And everywhere else, they wonder
how America got all the power
We said this year, that things would change
But we just keep on living the same way
And one man, he cannot save us
Not when we act so blind
This man will not protect us
When we wake up to find
We are killing ourselves slowly
Just by closing our minds*

(Listening to blues always makes me want to write)

*eyes, originally.
haha. that didn't happen.

for my photography, go here
it's all very unorganized still, but i'm working on it. i'm going through hundreds of photo cd's, trying to pick the crap out and upload everything else. I need to label and sort (group) them as well. I'm currently half-way through 2007... i'm working my way up, so basically i started when i got a digital camera, 2004. i'm trying to get it up to date.
I'm trying to get this done fast, because my next step is to determine what's good and print and sell them. I wish I could start doing that now, but I need to know what I have first. I need to catalog everything.

I do have an etsy account going, so I can sell my photography and my crafts on there once I'm ready. (Another terrible habit of mine, aside from taking thousands of pictures and doing nothing with them [until now] is to collect thousands of stones and do nothing with them.) I collect stones, beach glass, and sea shells for jewelry and crafts, but I probably only make 1 pair of earrings for every 100 stones I get. That's another hobby I would like to pursue (and sell). I always get involved in too many projects at once, so nothing ever really gets finished. But i'm tired of having so much extra crap (mostly craft-like crap) that I don't need or use taking up space in my room, so I'm tackling everything one by one. Once I'm finished with photography (up to speed, lets say, since it's something that I will always be doing) I will return to jewelry--evaluate what I have, what can sell, what to make, etc. Then I'll start with mixed media and painting. That's something I'm dying to do RIGHT NOW, but I swore to myself I will finish something and make money off it instead of getting another second job and forgetting everything once again. (That seems to happen once every year or two) these paraenthesis must be killing you. I know they're killing me, especially since I can't spell the word.


It looks like there's a space that wants to be written in. But I'm at a loss. Everything just feels too damn cliched or too religious.
Maybe "Nothing Lasts"
"All Things Must Pass"
"Carbon footprint? WHAT carbon footprint?"
I don't f*ing know. Give me a hint.

PS- David Gray is amazing.
Then again, so is every musician with half a brain.
I'm addicted.
(It's my new television)