Thursday, September 11, 2008


come closer
he said
don't be afraid
i followed
but i left
in tears
I met a girl
cold and lost
follow me
i said
it's okay
but when I
turned around
I was staring
in a mirror

(september 10, 2008)


Baby I know you're tired
and this world's got you uninspired
but you gotta hang onto something
cause when you're grabbin at nothing
sooner or later you're gonna fall
and maybe no one will hear your call
and while you're in pieces on the ground
someone will come and kick you
just cause you're down
you'll be looking for a hand to hold
and you'll remember something you were told
i said to you, i can't spend my life waitin'
not while everything keeps changin'
until you learn to open your eyes
you're gonna keep falling for their lies
and so this is goodbye

(August 30, 2008)


you tell me that
dreams are meant for sleeping
and fairytales are for children
i tell you that
it's only a matter of time before
your dreams start waking up
and fairytales, they really do come true
i say, i know all of this
because of you



your implications
hurt more than
your actions
and words
they pierce
my core
you leave me
on the floor

(July 3, 2008)


love can be an ocean
if you let it
it will cleanse you
just accept it

(July 3, 3008)


spent my whole life searching
been left out on the sidelines
because I can't see
what's right in front of me

spend all your time dreaming
laying awake at night feeling
like you're alone in the world
but you're not the only girl
who's waiting for life to begin
who's waiting for warmth
who's waiting for love
who's waiting for him
tell me now, how do you get through
day after day, feeling so blue
you're lost in your head
you're lost in the clouds
you don't know how to get down
but you can see the storm clouds forming
you're waiting for life
you're waiting for warmth
you're waiting for love
you're waiting for him

(July 2, 2008)


we are what we hate